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B-SIDE chooses to take the path less traveled and would like to take everyone along with them. Rather than produce the usual parties, B-SIDE focuses on non-profit or free events which expose our community to musical and artistic expression that may not normally be seen at the regular venues.

B-SIDE hopes to act as a catalyst to bring other individuals and groups together to cooperate on non-profit projects, thereby assisting the growth of a healthy, pro-active community. We have also chosen to register as a non-profit society to take advantage of the credibility and opportunities that it can provide.

Please visit the Mission section for additional information.

An EPS version of our logo can be found here. Thanks to Joshua at nodeOne for the conversion.

Whirled Bees

Make Friends Not War began on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the middle of February 98 in the wake of another Gulf conflict. Since then, it has been running every Sunday. After 4 weeks at the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Queen Elizabeth Theater contacted Whirled Bees and invited them to hold MFNW in their courtyard, where it has been for the last three weeks.

MFNW has given the local community an opportunity to get together, hear local dj's, and above all, make new friends. Hopefully, this is the start of a new Vancouver tradition!

Call (604)215-4681 for more information.


Interactive Visualization layers projected image, floating eyes in bursting clouds, to enhance the elevation of any gathering and provide halluminated signs for any journey. Contact early for event specific environ-mental creation. ryand@sfu.ca, ph.688-7737.

Moonlit Odyssey

It all started one November morning when Hope Corbin woke up with a little too much energy. She decided she was going to produce a dance show for emerging dancers. These dancers don't have many opportunities to perform their work in Vancouver due to the unavailability of funds. It is also really hard to break into the dance scene here. The first presentation by Moonlit Odyssey was on December 6th, 1997 and called Passion. It featured works by Denise Bertrand, Marta Herfst, Jennifer McKinley, Newton Moraes, Suzanne Nievaart, Kristine Richmond, Peter Randazzo, and dancers Heather Kirkland and Joelle Arnusch. Moonlit Odyssey's goal is to give emerging dancers a chance to perform their work and to promote these dancers in the professional community. Our productions are usually followed by a dance party so that all those inspired can strut their stuff. The next show will be on April 11th, 1998 and this time we are calling it Blossom. Valerie Lajoie has jumped on board to co-produce this one with Hope. This show will feature dance by Michelle Hersey, Barb Chisolm, Yvonne Chartrand, Pam Robinson, and others which are yet to be confirmed.

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