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The B-SIDE Constitution

The objectives of B-SIDE are to inform, organize, represent and support the Vancouver rave community, as well as inform, cooperate with and contribute to the rest of the local community. B-SIDE intends to encourage participants in the rave culture to play a more active and responsible role in their communities. B-SIDE also intends to create awareness of the healthy and positive influence of the music, activities and synergy of rave culture, thereby dispelling the myths and stereotypes about the rave community which have been the cause of negative media attention and discrimination. The means by which B-SIDE intends to accomplish these goals are:

  1. affiliate itself with any organizations pursuing the same objectives,
  2. encourage networking and cooperation between any organizations pursuing the same objectives,
  3. organize and host meetings, gatherings, exhibitions and events related to this end,
  4. provide members of the rave community, particularly youth, safe and inspirational gathering places,
  5. act as an information source for any issues which concern the rave community,
  6. expand the range of activities and art forms used by the rave community to express itself by creating more opportunities to participate in such activities,
  7. sensitize and inform the general public on the concerns of participants within the rave culture and the positive aspects of rave culture itself through established as well as new media. B-SIDE [will be as soon as the paperwork goes through!] a registered, non-profit organization. We depend on volunteers and donations to achieve our goals and actualize our projects. Any excess funds will be put back into the organization and its projects, as required by provincial law. We encourage anyone who wishes to contribute skills, resources, capital, time, or simply enthusiasm to contact us with your ideas.

    Contributors to B-SIDE projects are expected to act professionally and dependably, and can expect no payment other than the personal reward of contributing to the Greater Good.

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